Iditarod Start

March 4 2017 – Ceremonial start

Ceremonial start of  the Iditarod Sled Dog Race at Anchorage 4th Avenue with our Idita rider Kaya and with the second sled driven by Gerhard.

Courtesy of ITC
Courtesy of Jeff Schultz

Successful and exciting run trough the beautiful green heart of Anchorage with thousands of spectators cheering on and having BBQ parties  along side the trail.

Monday March 6 – Restart in Fairbanks

Due to lack of snow in parts of the Alaska Range the race had to be rerouted with restart in Fairbanks instead of  the usual Willow restart. The trail follows the original 1925 Serum Run trail from Nenana to Nome. We been excited to see new places like Huslia , Koyukuk river valley and Koyukuk village.