Thank you

This winter season there was plenty of snow coverage and a great temperature range, made for perfect training conditions. We borrowed great dogs from Jim & Bonnie Foster;  Peanut, Skid and JR. and from Lev Shvarts ; Birdie and Badger to fill our team.  They became a great addition to our team and we had quite some fun together. For this race season we draw for the Copper Basin 300 and the Iditarod the same bib #4. We have been glad to finish both races with a happy team.
We had to start the Iditarod race with only 15 dogs due to a freak incident during the last weeks before the race. Lead dog Skidz got intestine obstruction and sadly deceased during an emergency surgery, but she made it all the way to Nome together with her team anyway. Her ashes are resting below the Burled Arch and on the Sea Ice.
During the race our athletes developed their abilities to a great deal. Main lead dogs Harley and Pekoe turned into a great leader team. Atlas and Molly two dogs from Mat-Su animal shelter became more confident in lead too
. Flinch and Drill two of our swing dogs, once a bit more shy, got quite an outgoing personality and did a tremendous job. Peanut from Fosters Moon Run Kennel been a very important addition to the leader team and did an outstanding job as well throughout the race. Misty and Bells changed in to an exceptional swing dog team. Lev’s Birdie and Badger gave more than their share to the team effort.
Every dog in the team went a long way and improved 100% and we are very proud of all of our athletes.

Big thanks to all volunteers and veterinarians for their tremendous effort to make our goal to reach the Nome finish line possible.

A big thank you to all our sponsors, supporters, family, fans and friends we could not have done it without you.