Sponsor our Athletes



We would like to offer you the opportunity to be part of our kennel team by sponsoring one of our outstanding athletes.

Choose to sponsor one of our athletes and you will receive a baseball cap with our embroidered kennel logo as well as a ceramic mug with our logo. You can follow our adventures with us online at the training progress. You are welcome to visit our kennel to visit your favorite dog or cheer up your champion at the starting line of the race at the 4th. Ave in Anchorage and at the restart in Willow.

Training and Racing dogs is an expensive sport. Without sponsors it is almost impossible to do it. The sled dog burns over 10 thousand calories a day during running. They need a high quality dog food and several different kind of meat. During winter runs dogs need to wear booties to protect their paws. At a cost of about 1 dollar each, booties are a large part of our kennel expenses. We literally go through thousands each year. Due to high cost of travel, equipment, race signup’s and high quality dog food we need your help. Believe me, it will be greatly appreciated.

Be part of our kennel, choose the dog you like and sponsor our athlete with $300. You may send us a check  and an e-mail with name of the dog you wish to sponsor, or use one of  the Pay pal button below.  Each dog will have only one personal sponsor where as a sponsor you can sponsor as many dogs you wish.

Jim & Sue Conant sponsor Harley

Harley - Main LeaderHarley – Main Leader out of Jeff King’s kennel and came to us as a present from Leslie Morrison . He is one of our most docile dogs and head of the leaders. Lead the team to Nome Iditarod 2017.

Sponsor Pekoe Pekoe - Main Leader Pekoe – Main Leader out of Jeff King’s kennel. He is our watch dog, and a real marathon runner and can be a great couch  potato if you let him, but on the trail he is all business. Lead the team to Nome 2017.

Sponsor Hazel

Hazel is  from Cim Smyth kennel . She is leader and tough one while on the shy side when not working. Her grimaces making us always smiling.

Sponsor  Cookie
Cookie –  from Cim Smyth kennel, sister of Hazel, Team dog with a independent mind.  In lead she could turn all team around when she feels like running in to the sunset.

Sponsor Paper
Paper – leader from Robert Redington’s kennel. She is snow white but not a princess,  hard working and always focused. Works where ever you put her, but loves to lead.


Sponsor  Uno

Uno – female from Lance Mackey’s kennel. She is very promising with a mind set which shows that Zorro is one of her ancestors. She is full of energy and dances like a yo-yo.

Sponsor Dos
Dos –  from Lance Mackey’s kennel, he is a hard worker and he is a real “Happy go lucky” dog, but got to be a very serious distant dog while he completed the Iditarod.

Pat Schue  sponsor  Molly

DSC01263Molly – leader. We found her in Mat-Su animal shelter. She is very much people oriented. Her down side, she is extremely bossy.  Dogs who don’t follow fast enough orders in the kennel drive her nuts.

Sponsor Hitachi
Hitachi Swing dog with big heart. From Gerry Wilomitzer’s kennel. He is a very hard worker, enthusiastic and likes to announce any  changes around the kennel. He learned to lead during last season.

Sponsor  Misty
Misty – Team dog from Jeff King’s kennel, she is one hell of a trail dog. She doesn’t like any interruptions in the run, like bootie brakes and other short stops. She screams, jumps and tries to move sled and the whole team all by herself.

Sponsor  Atlas

Atlas is another dog from Mat-Su animal shelter. He turned out great, from a shy dog to outgoing personality. He is able to lead and he is not afraid of deep water.

Sponsor  Tres

Tres –  out of Lance Macky’s kennel, a dog with the ability to preserve his energy and power for the job on the trail. On the trail he is a power house from the first to the last second. In the kennel he often looks like a “sleepy beauty”.

Sponsor Bells

_DSC3273.NEFBells – Swing dog from Jeff King’s kennel. She will be leader as soon as she calms down. Very sensitive dog with lots of energy to spend. She is quite people oriented but as well playful with the other dogs.

Sponsor  Drill
Drill – Came to us as a wedding present from Vern Halter’s kennel to us. He can lead but prefers to be swing dog. He is a little bit sensitive and needs a little extra attention and encouragement, but if he is on the go nothing can stop him.

Sponsor Bennie

Bennie – Team dog from Ramey Smith’s kennel. She is one of our slower dogs but if you are in need of a bulldozer to go up the mountain there she is, never stop never surrenders.

Sponsor Flinch

/>Flinch – Team dog from Redington’s kennels, he is on the shy side, but likes and needs attention, that’s what he is looking for. Tireless worker and even more tireless when it comes to play with other dogs.

Bonnie and Jim Foster sponsor  Double

Double from Ray Redington Jr.’s kennel, a new addition to our kennel. He is very energetic and handsome, love a lot of attention.


Sponsor Thor

Thor from DeeDee Jonrowe’s kennel, a new addition to our kennel. He is a bit on the rough side but smart and has great potential.



Sponsor Loki


 Loki from Dee Dee Jonrowe’s kennel is new to our kennel and litter mate to Thor. He is one heck of a dog, shy and hyper he needs a lot of hugging and petting.


   Pat Schue sponsor JackJack our youngster from Lev Shvarts kennel. He is a big puppy, clever and demanding and is supposed to be the spear point of the new generation in our kennel.