About us


Misha Wiljes was born and raised in Prague, the Czech Republic, a beautiful and ancient city in the heart of Europe. After attending trade school in graphic design, she worked as sign writer, and for several years as set painter for movies, TV advertisements and billboards. She has always loved to travel. Her spare time was spent hiking and exploring with her dog and a backpack. While sleepin under the star’s blanket she develop the desire to explore other country sides.        She has traveled extensively in Australia and the Yukon Territory, finally coming to rest in Alaska, making it her permanent home in 2003. She learned mushing while handling for Charlie Boulding, Vern Halter and Judy Currier. After several mid distance races she completed the 2012 Yukon Quest with dogs from Jim & Bonnie Foster and Leslie Morrison. She successfully completed the Iditarod 2017 from Fairbanks to Nome and the Iditarod race 2018 via Iditarod village  is her next challenge and is a goal she has firmly in mind. Together with her husband, Gerhard, she operate WW kennel, in Willow Alaska and now lives her dream while running with her own dogs in distance races like the CB 300 and NL 300, as well as the Iditarod Race.


DSC00323-003Gerhard Wiljes born in Celle Germany spent a life time working at sea all over the world as chief engineer on banana boats and container vessels. His free time he spent on extended ski expeditions in Scandinavia and northern Canada. On extreme bike trips he traveled Europe and parts of North America. On one of his solo canoe trips he happen to stay with a mushing kennel in the Arctic Canada. This put him in to Skijoring expedition and finally to purchase a property in the Yukon Territory were he met with a professional sled dog kennel. By dog handling and training dog teams he got deeper in to the sport of mushing.

DSC00946-001Boreas – our Malamute mix from Mat- Su animal shelter. A dog with almost unlimited strength, likes to run with the main team but can’t keep up with our Alaskans on runs over 18 miles because he has to move to many muscles and heavy bones.

DSC01115Syringe – retired lead dog from Vern Halter’s  kennel. Retired but still willing to train and teach our puppies. While she is a free runner, she is going well along with our cat and chickens.

WP_20150614_010Lucy – our mouse controller and bed warmer.

WP_20150412_005Let not forget our chickens, providers of fresh eggs and some fun for our doggies and us as well.