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This winter season there was plenty of snow coverage and a great temperature range, made for perfect training conditions. We borrowed great dogs from Jim & Bonnie Foster;  Peanut, Skid and JR. and from Lev Shvarts ; Birdie and Badger to fill our team.  They became a great addition to our team and we had quite some fun together. For this race season we draw for the Copper Basin 300 and the Iditarod the same bib #4. We have been glad to finish both races with a happy team.
We had to start the Iditarod race with only 15 dogs due to a freak incident during the last weeks before the race. Lead dog Skidz got intestine obstruction and sadly deceased during an emergency surgery, but she made it all the way to Nome together with her team anyway. Her ashes are resting below the Burled Arch and on the Sea Ice.
During the race our athletes developed their abilities to a great deal. Main lead dogs Harley and Pekoe turned into a great leader team. Atlas and Molly two dogs from Mat-Su animal shelter became more confident in lead too
. Flinch and Drill two of our swing dogs, once a bit more shy, got quite an outgoing personality and did a tremendous job. Peanut from Fosters Moon Run Kennel been a very important addition to the leader team and did an outstanding job as well throughout the race. Misty and Bells changed in to an exceptional swing dog team. Lev’s Birdie and Badger gave more than their share to the team effort.
Every dog in the team went a long way and improved 100% and we are very proud of all of our athletes.

Big thanks to all volunteers and veterinarians for their tremendous effort to make our goal to reach the Nome finish line possible.

A big thank you to all our sponsors, supporters, family, fans and friends we could not have done it without you.



Iditarod Start

March 4 2017 – Ceremonial start

Ceremonial start of  the Iditarod Sled Dog Race at Anchorage 4th Avenue with our Idita rider Kaya and with the second sled driven by Gerhard.

Courtesy of ITC
Courtesy of Jeff Schultz

Successful and exciting run trough the beautiful green heart of Anchorage with thousands of spectators cheering on and having BBQ parties  along side the trail.

Monday March 6 – Restart in Fairbanks

Due to lack of snow in parts of the Alaska Range the race had to be rerouted with restart in Fairbanks instead of  the usual Willow restart. The trail follows the original 1925 Serum Run trail from Nenana to Nome. We been excited to see new places like Huslia , Koyukuk river valley and Koyukuk village.

EKG and blood test

All athletes proposed to run the Iditarod have to have blood test and EKG screening done together with microchip identification. Every musher can take up to 22 dogs for the check up. Our appointment was for Sunday the 14th of February and we all enjoyed a very professional service from the vet crew,   while all dogs behaved very well during the procedure.

Dog Party

dsc01699dsc01711We had a little party with our teams today, after a Sunday afternoon outing. All day was just about having fun together. A hard week of 36 mile runs deserved a bit of relaxing.


dsc01685 Thanksgiving dinner has to wait till we are done running 36 miles training run with our two teams today. We have Burgundy Beef Roast for dinner and some of the team members as house guest tonight.

Start of training season

WP_20160814_10_27_24_ProWe been starting training, possible thanks to cooler temperatures and due to some good rain and huge water paddles on the trail. The dogs enjoying to cool off in those water holes on the trail so we often stop in them.

New team members arrived

WP_20160807_15_48_01_ProThee new team members just arrived ready to start training season.  Peanut , Skidz and JR out of Moon Run Kennel from Jim and Bonnie Foster are welcome additions to our team for the  2016-17 race season. They are looking forward to make it in to the Iditarod race team.

Iditarod sleddog race sign up

DSC01324Saturday June 25. 2016

We sign in to the great adventure towards Nome on the epic 1,049 mile Iditarod race trail. The Saturday volunteer picnic was awesome and the first sign up day took place as well at the Iditarod Headquarter in Wasilla Alaska. Big thanks to all volunteers who make this race possible . By the way it takes more than 1,000 volunteers to make a 1,000 mile race come thru.DSC01330